Today I’m going to be talking about my top 5 tips for when you are planning and designing your brand or redesigning it.

Even though there are more than 5 things to consider but these are 5 that I feel are important to consider.

Know Your Ideal Client

This is so so important and I think a lot of people skip over this. They only consider what THEY like. Knowing your client means knowing what attracts them. Knowing what speaks to them. You can’t create a brand identity to attract your client if you don’t have them in mind when designing.

Get Clear on Your Brand’s Message

Knowing the message and feel you want to portray with your brand is so so important. This really determines the entire look and feel of your brand image. It helps you decide if your brand image should be playful or if your image is going to be more elegant. It helps you choose what style of logo you want, what colors and shapes suit your brand.

Explore Colour Psychology

To me, colors are so important when it comes to branding. Different colors cause people to have different reactions and to feel different emotions. If you were trying to give people a feeling of soothing and softness you wouldn’t, for example, go in red color. You would choose light blues or pastels.

Know Where Your Brand Will Be Most Present

You need to really get clear about where you will be most present. This is so you can decide what marketing tools you need. If you’re going to focus on the online space you probably don’t need to worry so much about printed marketing tools like flyers.

Create a Consistent Look Across All Platforms

You really want your brand to become recognizable. This means making sure your brand is consistent no matter what space you are showing up to. This way when people see your brand in a new space they still relate it to you and your business. It gives people a sense of familiarity. Think about how if you see certain logos, you could still recognize the brand even if the typography wasn’t there.

So there you have it! 5 tips for brand design. Let me know in the comments if this was helpful and if you’d like to see more tips on the brand design!


I believe design has the power to shape meaningful human experiences. I’m passionate about expressing values of honesty, authenticity, and simplicity through my work. I’ve spent the past 13+ years helping launch and reimagine businesses for today’s digital world.


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