In modern-day people often confused about UI vs UX (User Interface vs User Experience Design) If I give you a quick answer it would probably be like;

UX is what the user FEELS.
UI is what the user SEES.

Let’s understand UX vs. UI Design 

The Difference between UI vs UX Design – Blace

User Experience (UX)

Let’s start with UX, which is the science of helping users navigate through anything that they interact with quickly. So the purpose is to help them find what they need. Because a beautifully designed website might not be functional and user-friendly at all. That is a classic case of good UI having a bad UX Design. 

Excellent user experience is also called “Usability.” It means that the web content is easy to understand, provides what it should in the fastest possible time or with the best possible experience.

User Interface (UI)

It’s what the user sees. In simple terms, UI is the bit that the user interacts with, your web design, the colors, fonts, screens, and styles you use across web-pages. Other than UX, UI is not focuses on providing a great experience but a great “look and feel.”

Great UI designs are maintaining the principles of design and provide more clarity to the user by establishing excellent visual communication. 

UX is the foundation for the UI which gives us a great experience.

An example of bad UI while having great UX would be a website that has a design from the early 2000s (15+ years old). And also at the same time does a great job giving users access to what they need. Also, the important bit is to understand and maintaining the principles of design and provide more clarity to the user by establishing excellent visual communication.

What is the exact purpose of UI UX Design?

The purpose of having a UI UX is to create a positive emotional attachment with your product or services. It’ll allow you to give a seamless brand experience to your users to be able to interact with them without any hassles, and they’ll keep using it to solve their problems. 

What is the purpose of the UI UX design? – Blace

UX Designers believe that UX means designing the things that users associate with the most. That is true. Because the things that users interact with decide how they feel.

The best UX Designers know that they are designed for the emotional outcome of the interaction and reverse engineer the interaction to create that feeling in the end-user.

Clarification about UI vs UX Design

UX in digital products is mostly about the design of the user interface, but also to create a great user experience, sometimes, you need to think beyond the user interface. Here’s some of the clarification you need to determine the war between UX vs. UI Design,

Abbreviation of TermsUX: User Experience
UI: User Interface
ContextUX is a process of how things work
UI is a deliverable of how things look
Designer’s ResponsibilityUX designer is the person in charge of creating logic via wireframes and prototypes. A UI designer is the design of interface elements like text, buttons, text fields, color-coded lists. Navigations components, informational components
Traits (Attributes)UX: Solve functional problems, plant content and organize site data
UI: convey the brand, bring the site to life and human experience
Common SoftwaresUX: Sketch, Axure, Mockplus, Fireworks, UXPin
UI: Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, Fireworks, InVision
Deliverables.UX: Wireframes, Prototypes, Storyboards, Sitemap, Written specification, Research, User Personas. UI: Pixel-Perfect Mockups, UI Style Guides, Assets, Interactions, Prototypes

Why content matter in UI UX?

Creating an experience that meaningful to users will base upon the quality of the content. The way content is presenting to the users will determine the emotional outcome. How we expect to feel at the end of an experience is why we do every single thing we do, without exception.

as a UI designer, you must pay attention to how and when you are presenting your content to the user. Because content is why people engage with something. It’s the part of the user experience that will leave the deepest and longest-lasting impression (emotional outcome) about the experience.

The content is core to any excellent user experience, and both UI and UX should complement each other to create a great customer experience. 

Why is UI UX essential to our lives?

UX (user experience) is about designing products to make people’s lives more comfortable and more enjoyable. Most importantly, when an app or website is easy and pleasant to use, you can say it has a good user experience. 

User experience is vital to our life as we experience it with products and services we consume every day.

UX applies not just to apps or websites, and it used to all things human-made. If a car is easy, comfortable, and enjoyable to drive, then it has a good user experience. If you go to a restaurant where the menu was excellent, the waiter was attentive and helpful, the food arrived quickly and was delicious, then you’ve had a good user experience.

However, you can improve the user experience by making design decisions that are not about the user interface.


UI UX designer is analogous to the left brain vs right brain. As a result of that, there is an overlap of both roles. As a result, the inclusion of both make far project and superior outcome.

UI UX is working hand in hand to create a meaningful experience for the users who engage with it. Most importantly it’s essential to understand the value of the UI UX Design. Therefore, what do you think about it UI vs UX design war? Please let me know in the comment below.


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