This time of the year used to be busy with so many projects and works. Clients are asking for quick turnarounds and quite heavy demands which make us overwhelmed. But this year things have changed. We’re facing a crisis. So it’s crucial to be keen to handle it well and overcome any challenge. We have to be strong.

Be understanding – It’s a different playing
field after all. 

In times like this, people are afraid. Ask about their families and friends before talking about the business because it’ll eventually help them to help, connect, and feel you better. 

Be creative. – It’s the only way you can
stand out from a situation like this.

Your clients may want different things delivered a different way than they did just one month ago. So they still may be willing to pay good money for a valued service. Those that can be creative and help their customers problem-solve while at the same time, not to be identifying as taking advantage of a crisis will be the ones that thrive.

Be present and visible. – Don’t disappear.
People don’t like that.

As a designer, your perception of how available and visible you are is crucial. You always feel anyone can contact you. Also, your clients don’t feel the same way. Therefore you need to create opportunities to be present with your clients and prospects, even if you can’t be there physically or the way you used to be. So this can be on chat like Skype, or video conferences. If you aren’t used to doing so, this is the ideal time to build that relationship, get used to it.

Be realistic – You can’t expect everything
to be streamline or the way it used to be. 

Don’t promise things you can’t deliver. Because, none of us knows what will happen tomorrow, and so it’s sometimes tempting to say you can promise stuff you can’t offer. Better to say “I know as much as you do” if that is the truth.

What should we do as creatives?
Rebuild yourself. 

A crisis won’t stay forever. So take it as a time to rebuild yourself, plan yourself and revisit the overall strategy and methodologies that you’ve been implementing over time.

Start building your email lists, portfolios, capability decks, proposals, see potential opportunities, and prospects. Eventually, it’ll give you peace of mind and focus you to think about the future instead of bothering about what’s going on. 


I believe design has the power to shape meaningful human experiences. I’m passionate about expressing values of honesty, authenticity, and simplicity through my work. I’ve spent the past 13+ years helping launch and reimagine businesses for today’s digital world.

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