6 Tips to Become a Great Graphic Designer in 2019

Identify “You”

The world is becoming complicated and sophisticated. It’s dramatically changed the way people do things and graphic design is no different. When you talk about graphic designs, It falls into many categories such as; Branding, Packaging, Advertising, Print Design, Editorial Design, Web Design, User Interfaces and they can lead to many career pathways:

“This is something I struggled a lot, I never had a clear vision who I want to be. It’s frustrating and not a good feeling especially at the start of your career.”

That is why it is very important to identify who are you specifically going to be doing. It’s different from person to person how it can be done. I will tell you how I did it. I asked few questions from my self.

  • What am I passionate about?
  • What type of graphic designs excites me the most?
  • What is the industry demand?

If you answer them honestly, after doing your research, it will be very clear what you’re going to be doing.

Set Your Goals

Learn Designs & Tools

Look for inspiration


Next is follow as much as designers and their designs that related to your category.

Recreate, Getting Started.

It’s very important to practice your design skills by doing as many as recreations possible. Don’t forget to add your design style to it, Don’t afraid to alter it and make it better than the original. It will be a starting point to kick off your design career. After you have the decent amount of recreation works you did, it’s very easy to land few design projects around your family and friends or friends of friends. Try to find as many as possible by showcasing your works to them.

Alternatively, you can find an internship at an agency or a design studio for 3 or 6 months. Pick a strong establishment, a better company and be under a great leadership. It will push you to compete with the real world works and It will surely help you build experience about the industry and how it is functioning.

Create a portfolio

Creating a portfolio is basically your advertisement, you have to create it in a way that can express your design specification, style and who are you as a person. Always maintain the quantity vs quality, it’s not mandatory to have 50-100 items in your portfolio, a good 7-10 works will do the job.

Just don’t put your designs as just images. Always take your time and explain the objectives, design process and results it created. It will give you more advantage of starting a great career or more design projects.

Start with a project that most excites you, something will describe your design style and specialization clearly. and then start putting the other projects respecting the order of your excitement. It’s very important to finish strong with other great works. That means put the least good versions in the middle. This way It will help you to score more on your portfolio review.

Finding a delicate line between design functionalities and aesthetic is very important as early in your career. Because that will often define who are you and what are you going to become.

Graphic Design can be


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