In modern days people are trying their best to keep up with ever-evolving industries and trends. If you are a talented designer, I would love to give you a few suggestions on how to land your dream job.

A successful career required a mixture of multiple components.
For instance, focus, passion, and adaptability.

So If you’re passionate about the work, it’s frustrating not to get the right job. Therefore, here are a few important points that can support you.

Start telling an authentic story.

We started in caves, telling stories around the fire. So we always believe in a genuine story. Therefore, building a story around your feelings and adding the human touch will allow the desition makers to create a human connection with you. Because we frequently associate with characters who shared similar characteristics.

Don’t be boring and typical. A good portfolio is still a must.

As a designer, people are expecting you to be creative and different in your approaches. So your portfolio matters and you must create a portfolio that resonates with your skills and should give more clarity to the viewer as in what category you’re most shine.

There’s a huge gap in the market: Close it.

There are possibilities to have a huge gap between you and the industry. SO it could be the root cause. Because you may be a capable designer, but you are regularly able to grow. So pick the companies that you want to work with and try to equal your skills to their skills. Because it’s extremely important to both the organization and you blend in.

Create a Unique CV: Because you’re a designer.

The curriculum vitae, in other words, the CV plays a big roll in getting your job. Because that is fundamentally your advertisement. So If you’re seeking a job, it’s crucial to have a properly crafted cv to stand out. Otherwise, It’s unlikely to get your application noticed. So the cv is the advertisement to get your views.

Competition is too hight: Market yourself right!

I’m not an artist or illustrator. But there are lots of talented designers who aren’t getting paid as much as I do. So the genuine problem here is that they don’t know how to market themselves. You have to practice and implement essential human skills such as problem-solving, systematic desition making, time management, communication, and storytelling.

If you want to become a successful commercial designer, you have to change your generic approach.

It’s time to market you right with the right approach and in line with the industry’s demands. Therefore, you need to identify your skills and capabilities to adapt to the design industry.


I believe design has the power to shape meaningful human experiences. I’m passionate about expressing values of honesty, authenticity, and simplicity through my work. I’ve spent the past 13+ years helping launch and reimagine businesses for today’s digital world.

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